At Swen, we pride ourselves on providing an array of production services and aim to bring out top-notch feature and short films that pleases the mind of the individual and proves the company to be the backbone of the entertainment industry.


Go a step beyond television viewership and reach out to audience on the web media too with us at Swen and open up a whole new horizon for your brand visibility and engagement.


From conception to reality, we believe in making your event a success. We execute corporate events, fundraisers, sporting events, and much more. Swen believes in elevating an event to the next level and turning the clients’ vision to a tangible success.

Sports Promotion

While working with multi-layered timeline, we create action packed sports events in order to deliver entertainment for a multi-generational fan base and implementing community pride.

Social Media

With followers of 2M+ and engagement in the 10s of millions, let us help you promote your brand and grow your base in addition to taking your social media game to the next level, all through Swen.