WWW.MMAINDIA.COM has become the premiere MMA Media and Entertainment agency in India within a short span of slightly over a year. We launched in August 2016 and since then have become known internationally.


The FITNESS India Show

The Fitness India Show is aimed towards holistic living and functional training which everyone shoule be able to do even in their living rooms!

Preeti Jhangiani and Sunanda Wong take the viewers throguh a range of exercises meant to strenghthen the core, build strength and loost fat!


We will be starting our all things marriage/shaadi online weddings show soon called,of course, 'Monsoon Weddings'.

Check out our shoot for Wedding Sutra! The no.1 portal for Indian Weddings!



Rise N Shine was initially conceived as a children’s event focusing on organic food health and outdoor fitness and education but is being re positioned now as an on line children’s platform aimed at giving young parents interesting tit bits about parenting and places to buy organic food, cool clothes etc for their young kids.
Something today’s parent wants and needs in a no fuss and entertaining way for them to consume the info.